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Lightning flash

Dreadtober 2016: Part 2

WIP Sydonian Dragoons I’ve had very little time to work on these fellows, but I decided to take one of them almost …

Skitarii Vanguard

Skitarii Vanguard test model

Skitarii Vanguard test model complete. I’ve painted up my very first Skitarii model with my new paint recipes and I have to …

Space Marine Storm Talon

Space Marine Storm Talon

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 4 – finished! Games Workshop ran a Facebook painting contest to celebrate the release of the new Death …

Space Marine scout sergeant

Space Marine scouts progress

Space Marine sniper scouts: part 2 – green armor The scouts are coming along, so I wanted to show you a quick update. I’ve …


Another brick in the wall

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 12 — Walls on base started. It’s been slow going, but I wanted to make a quick update …

Light patches of Gale Force 9's ash flock added to patches. This added some nice textural variation and gave it the lighter, fluffier feel of ash without looking like snow patches. The color also matched the lightest gray highlight very well.

Ash waste base tutorial

I want my bases to tell a story. My Space Marine chapter, the Eagle Eyes, live on a planet that is slowly …