Dreadtober 2016: Part 2

WIP Sydonian Dragoons

DreadtoberI’ve had very little time to work on these fellows, but I decided to take one of them almost to completion to sort out some of the finer elements of the color scheme and weathering before moving on. I also got to play around with more lightning arcs, which was fun. I’ve had a couple requests for a tutorial on those so I’ll be writing that up sooner or later. For now, this is just a quick update to let my #Dreadtober peeps know what’s going on.

Progress on the first of three Dragoons

As you can see, all the colors are basically finished. I need to varnish it, add the decals (which I’ve yet to actually print), some weathering pigment, and finish the base up. It’s really pretty close, though. I’m happy to see my rather quick and sloppy style is still working on a bigger model like this. I really do like this pose now as well. I know some people will say he looks like he’s tripping but I don’t really think so.

Lightning arc on the Taser Lance

Dragoon Taser Lance lightning arcOne of the biggest risks I’m taking on this force is the inclusion of these lightning arcs. They’ll be mostly on Taser and Arc weapons, but I’ll look around for other places to add them. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on them, which is good because they look ever-so-slightly odd to me, still. I like them well enough, though. They’re exactly how I’d imagined them, really, it’s just that it’s a hard effect to show on a model. I plan to vary the amount a bit from one model to the next. In this case I really wanted to draw attention to the tip of the lance, and make it look almost eager to strike. There’s still less here than on the Sicarian Infiltrator model I did before.

That’s it for this update. The only other thing worth mentioning is the base. I tried to use some car body filler to add a bit of variation to the ground so it’s not so flat. It’s hard to see in pics, but it’s just got a bit of a ripple, if you will. I also used a new glue for the sand and ballast and I really like it. I’ll be doing a product review for that after Dreadtober’s over.