Trophy wife (or something)

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 22 — War trophies, and the eyes to see them.

The Queen Bee is coming along, slowly but surely. I got a couple more hours in last night. I’m almost ready for the oil washes and weathering pigments on the torso, which is super exciting. First, though, a couple more details on the torso:

I was a little excited to paint a classic Eldar gem. I didn’t keep a record, but I think the base was Xereous Purple, blended to a dark brown on top. Bottom was blended to Genestealer Purple, a mix of that and some pink whose name escapes me, and then added more white for a couple more layers. I’ve always liked the effect these gems give. A dot of white of course and then I glossed it with red-tinted Future floor polish. I also did the little node on the power weapon, only because I always used to do this when I painted Eldar back in the day. The rope is actual thread, with super glue (or maybe it was actually white glue, it’s been a while) on it to stiffen it up.

The story here is that she was fighting some Eldar, obviously. This was fairly early in her career as a Freeblade and she was still sore about the gender prejudice of her family. During the battle, she saw some Howling Banshees and was awed by their grace and exoticism. She moved to engage these warrior women at once, and she was excited to test her mettle against them as worthy opponents. She slew them, of course, but during the fight she was impressed by their bravery and strength. It left a certain mark on her psyche, and for the rest of the battle she kept thinking about them and the courage it must have taken to face her.

After the fight was over, Aurelia was assessing the damage to the Queen, and she saw the left  shin armor was rent. Upon closer inspection, she found this exarch pole arm tip stuck fast into it. The razor-sharp blade had actually nicked the front-facing piston. The handle must have snapped when the Queen raised her foot to crush them. Once again, Aurelia was impressed with the Banshees, and she kept the blade and lashed it to the cage (after dulling it a bit) around the gun-arm shoulder. She likes to look at it to remember the deadly tenacity of those women. It’s become something of a talisman to her now, and she believe it imbues her weapon with power and her chassis with grace. To see the Queen Bee move and fight, one might be inclined to agree with her.

But that’s not all. 😀

Imperial Knight glowing eyesFinally, she can see. Also, now you can see the cracked eye-lens as well. I had a heck of a lot of fun blending this. I think I mixed about 6 or 7 shades, and ate a gross amount of paint in the process. Lahmian Medium tastes funny. I went back and reblended shades as well with the base blue (old Royal Blue I believe). I capped it off with a blue-tinted Future floor polish gloss to add some pop. I’ll be doing just a bit of OSL effects, but I want to keep it very subtle.

Imperial Knight glowing eyesHow do you guys feel about the cracked lens? I originally wanted to paint the cracks white but it looked wrong. I had to change it.