The old lady begins to stir.

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 14 — I DO own paints. See? 

The old lady is getting her first bits of paint, at long last. I still need to finish modeling the base itself and the new face plates, but that can wait for a bit. I NEED to start painting her.

I plan to document my paint process here to keep me consistent, since I only have time to paint in short doses right now. Feel free to steal any ideas you might like and PLEASE comment if you have any suggestions or comments. I really like the feedback.

Imperial Knight converted legsJust a little airbrushed Vallejo Air black surface primer to start. The bits of orange you might notice are silly putty masks over spots that would be glued later, but they didn’t work out all that well to be honest. I kept hitting them and knocking them off. And then the real fun began the next night…

Imperial Knight converted legsI based with a big ol’ Citadel Tank Brush using 50/50 Leadbelcher and the old Adeptus Battlegrey. I stole the idea from someone on Bolter & Chainsword, as it makes for a wonderful aged metal look.

Imperial Knight converted legsAnd a quick shot from the front. The dull metal look doesn’t come across all that well in pics, but it’s great in person. Looks like old pewter, almost. Now to dirty it up. 😀

Imperial Knight converted legsThis is just a test, really. I picked out the pistons in (really old) Mithril Silver, and then added some Typhus corrosion around bolts and any nooks and crannies in the metal. This is just one stage in a long process… That stuff is really cool, though. You can see the very fine texture in some spots. It’s a really cool effect, to be honest. It looks a bit harsh right now but it will smooth out/get knocked back by additional metal treatments.

I’m really digging the dull, oily metal look right now, and I’m super excited to see where this will go. I still haven’t decided which bits I’ll pick out in another metal color yet (or maybe I’ll use a few). I plan to use a dulled brass for the other main color using the same method. Probably a mix of a metallic gold with a yellow Base paint. I love the look of old brass. I think I’m NOT doing brass trim on the armor plates anymore, so that means I can use it on the skeleton instead.