The face of death

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 10 — Tilting face plate.

Since I can’t let a good thing well enough alone, and since somebody on B & C asked my what I was doing with the face, I decided to play around with it. I’d already seen someone use just the bottom on one. I liked the idea that one of the tilting masks looked like it was hinged and wondered what it would look like if it were raised. Or even WHY you would raise it.

IMG_0151Turns out, it kind of looks like a conquistador helmet from the front. Not bad, but I wasn’t sold on it. At this point I had just cut it with a sharp hobby knife and Blue Tacked it together. I looked at it from a bunch of angles and was sort of ‘meh’ about it. It grew on me, though.

As I thought about it, though, I realized that the range of vision through the slit was really limited. Would be fine for longer range targets, but the odd secondary ‘eyes’ couldn’t see at all, and looking down or up would be tough. So for sure I was going to have to make it tiltable. I figured she would flip it up, scan the battlefield, and then drop it when she was engaging the enemy.

IMG_0149Now, adding the armor cowl around the neck really helped to sell this for me. It looked much less like a pointy helmet at this point.

IMG_0202From above, it looked pretty cool, too. Segmented, almost. Like an insect. Fitting for my Queen Bee.

IMG_0205The best angle, though, was what enemy troops would see. This, along with the pose, tells the story that she cut down the skimmer, then flipped up her visor and crushed it with her foot and ground that heel in. Now she’s acquired a new target, and IT’S YOUR FACE, SUCKA! This is what you would see about half a second before that visor snaps down with a solid ‘thunk’ and that battle cannon swings around. ++target acquired++

IMG_0206I just love the way this looks in general. I was pretty stoked at this point, as all the work I’d been putting in seemed to really be paying off. There were still plenty of details to get to, but I was on a roll and I didn’t see any other Imperial Knights out there yet that were looking like her. I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t seen them online.