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Lightning flash

Dreadtober 2016: Part 2

WIP Sydonian Dragoons I’ve had very little time to work on these fellows, but I decided to take one of them almost …

Skitarii Vanguard

Skitarii Vanguard test model

Skitarii Vanguard test model complete. I’ve painted up my very first Skitarii model with my new paint recipes and I have to …

Space Marine Storm Talon

Space Marine Storm Talon

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 4 – finished! Games Workshop ran a Facebook painting contest to celebrate the release of the new Death …

Green Storm Talon after glaze

More Storm Talon progress

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 2 I’ve been working diligently on the Storm Talon, trying to get it ready for the Facebook …

Space Marine scout sergeant

Space Marine scouts progress

Space Marine sniper scouts: part 2 – green armor The scouts are coming along, so I wanted to show you a quick update. I’ve …


Metal trim almost finished.

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 33 — Metal trim and light box pictures. I’ve been working double-time trying to get the Queen done, and …