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Lunging Skitarii Sydonian Dragoon

Dreadtober 2016 Pledge

Dreadtober 2016: Sydonian Dragoons. Okay, folks. Dreadtober is back on and I’m getting excited again. Read all about it here. Last year …


Dreadtober pledge

Hey all. In the interests of some semblance of accountability, I’d like to make my Dreadtober pledge public. If you haven’t heard, …


Weathering finished on the legs

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 18 — Weathering powder and oil/grease.  Big update coming. It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve …

Imperial Knight leg worn metal

She’s been around the block.

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 16 — Silver metal progress.  Just a quick update here so I can pick up some comments and suggestions, hopefully. …

Imperial Knight converted legs

The old lady begins to stir.

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 14 — I DO own paints. See?  The old lady is getting her first bits of paint, at …


Wobbly knees syndrome

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 2 — Knees. I started working on the Knight’s legs first. Every Knight I saw early on had …