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Extra kit on an Imperial Knight torso

Selling the story with details

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 21 — You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Alright. The fiancé was out of town …

Roughly finished Eegle Eyes test mini.

New Eagle Eyes colors and test mini.

I’ve decided to revamp the Eagle Eyes with some new paints and designations/markings. Here’s a little insight into my the reasoning behind the …

Index Astartes: Eagle Eyes

Index Astartes: Eagle Eyes

A while back, I hammered out a rough draft of an Index Astartes article for my home-brew Raven Guard successor chapter; the …

Tactical Space Marines

Older Tactical marines

  Tossing up a pic of some older finished Tactical marines on my new bases. These use my older green recipe, too. Not …

Sternguard faces.

Sternguard Veterans

I’m slowly working on a demi-squad of the new Sternguard Veterans. Two of them, plus the sergeant, have magnetized backpacks and arms. …

Closer shot. Check out the ash base.

Finished Space Marine scouts

It’s probably worth mentioning that these are not strictly finished as I’m still adding decals. I’ll replace the pics with those as …