Storm Talon progress

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 1

Hey all. I’m back to the Eagle Eye’s with a Storm Talon I started a long time ago. Facebook is running that contest for painted flyers, so I figured I’d get one of them done and post it over there.

Stormtalon green with washI had already finished the entire cockpit, and then used my airbrush to lay down the base green and metallics earlier. I picked back up by cleaning up the airbrushed base coat of Waaagh! Flesh, as well as the Leadbelcher and black areas, with a brush. I then added a thinned Agrax Earthshade wash all over the green and metal areas to get something like the pic to the right. So far so good: My usual paint recipe but on a larger scale. The cockpit frame was dipped in Future floor polish with a little red food coloring added. I didn’t want a stark color, just enough to warm it up and hint at the red optics. I also, for whatever reason, had finished that optics panel on the nose already. You can see the decals are on here, so they’ll get weathered along with everything else.

The first highlight

Nothing too crazy at this point. After staring at all those little edges and angles, I decided I’d try something I really haven’t done on a full project in probably 15 years: Drybrushing. I prefer edge highlights, but I thought I might as well give it a shot and see how it looks. I’m glad I did. It was so much faster, and I’m pretty pleased with it as a 1st-stage highlight.

I don’t mind the somewhat rough appearance in places. If you’ve seen my finished models you’ll know they usually end up pretty grimy and beat up, to be honest. This was just a rough drybrush of Warboss Green all around any areas of detail but especially along panel lines and edges. I was very careful around the cockpit but I did that too.

I plan to do the other two highlights with traditional edge highlights to get that crisp look, but they’re much more conservative so I’ll be a lot more selective about where they’re applied and it should be quicker work. I have a lot left to do, but I think it’s shaping up very well and I’m no longer scared of drybrushing the big stuff. I’m eager to get to the weathering, but I have a long way to go before that.

I was thinking about using some minimal marking on here to denote his status as a Wing Leader (as if the Deathwatch arm wasn’t elite enough). Maybe a single red band around the tail, leading up to the T part? That way it would be visible from all sides but not over-the-top. I deliberately exercised some restraint in the markings, as a good child of the Raven Guard philosophy.

Stormtalon pilotsEDIT: Stormtalon pilot closeups pic for Rhino. I started painting both of these at the same time, with the intention of building out a Storm Wing with them, plus a Stormraven. The one on the right here is my current pilot. I tossed a Deathwatch arm on him to add a little variety with the other pilot, and because I want to sprinkle a few into my army here and there. Seconding marines to the Deathwatch is right up their alley. You’ll see I also painted them both as Techmarines. The fluff still doesn’t seem 100% clear on this, but the sprues do come with Techmarine bits so I went with that. If nothing else, they do pop out a lot better against all the green of the machine around them, and I like that.

Thoughts? Suggestions?