Sternguard Veterans

I’m slowly working on a demi-squad of the new Sternguard Veterans.

Sternguard Veteran SquadTwo of them, plus the sergeant, have magnetized backpacks and arms. That way I can do two heavy weapon marines if I need to. The other two have magnetized wrists and bolters just in case I want to do combi-weapons.

Sternguard faces.Here’s a closeup of the two bare heads so far. My Eagle Eyes are successors to the Raven Guard, so their skin lightens as they age. I actually added a third service stud to the serb (the one with the grey beard). It’s hard to tell in this closeup. You can see how light their skin is in the group pic above. These faces are so full of character. I love the new Space Marine kits, between the Tactical box, this one, and the Vanguard Veterans. So much detail and so crisp, with computer-aided design.