Space Marine Scout camo cloaks

Space Marine sniper scouts: part 1 – camo cloaks

Space Marine camo cloakHey all. After my game I decided to pick up a second box of sniper scouts so I could run them ‘naked.’ I assembled my other squad ages ago and didn’t bother magnetizing them, so I have to run them with a missile launcher and the sergeant has a power axe. Don’t ask…

Anyway, with this new box I wanted to try something new to me. I decided to primer and paint the base layers while they were still on the sprue. It seemed like a good idea, but it didn’t really save me any time since I had to trim mold lines after I popped the items out. On the other hand, it did sort of force me to actually get a base layer of paint on them and that can’t be a bad thing.

I really wanted to try a real camo pattern on them, so I sort of went to town on a choco-chip jungle pattern. I painted it across the cloaks, with black on the inside (reversible for fashion, of course!) and also on the fatigues of the troops, so that way even my CC scouts will have some of it. Also, having looked up a bunch of camo patterns online I saw quite a few sniper rifles that had camo across the casing, so I decided to do the same. I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I actually really like it.

Jungle camo – First steps

Space Marine camo cloakThis camo pattern is a real pain in the ass, but the first couple steps look pretty decent on their own. I started with fairly thinned Caliban Green base over a light gray primer. I didn’t mind that it had a bit of variation in the color, as I wanted it to have a hand-dyed look. Over that, I just added roughly horizontal patches of Warpstone Glow, again, allowing the brushwork to be fairly rough. Some care was taken to think about the natural curves in the cloth, but rough and quick is the order of the day here. At this point, I hit it with a full-on unthinned wash of Agrax Earthshade to both brown it down a bit and blend these two greens together. I could probably stop at this point, but I really wanted to get that choco-chip pattern on there so I pressed on.

Jungle camo – Choco-chip pattern

Space Marine camo cloakI know I keep saying that and it sounds a bit silly, but that’s apparently what this pattern is really called, because it looks like chocolate chips. I guess. They do on the real thing, anyway.

This camo pattern took a really long time to paint, to be honest, and may have swayed me away from it if I wasn’t already committed. Basically what I did was added a bunch of dots with Krieg Khaki. It’s an Edge paint, so the pigment was quite strong and they were very bright. Whilst that was fine, I wanted to get a little variation and also get a little dark ring around them, so I added a blob of Nuln Oil wash on and around each dot. You can see a little dark ring around them in the pic, but that wasn’t really enough. To get the correct effect, I then went in and covered over the dots with another dot of Rhinox Hide base paint. I offset the dot, so you end up with a little almost crescent moon shape. This mode the brightness a lot easier to handle, but again it just took a long time and I missed a ton of them. I’ll probably go back in and do the others, but I want to take a little break. It’s tedious.

Space Marine camo cloakThe finished camo effect from a little distance looks pretty good, in my opinion. I nearly stopped before the Rhinox Hide dots, but my wife provided a little ‘motivating’ feedback by telling me it looked really stupid. Don’t panic at that step, just keep trucking and you’ll get to the real deal sooner or later. I like the way it looks on the rifles as well, and I think it will be nice to unify the different scout units together. I haven’t painted really anything else on these scouts, but I wanted to post these pics before I forgot the paint recipe. Don’t judge me.

The final jungle choco-chip camo recipe:

  1. Base: thinned Caliban Green
  2. Layer: stripes of Warpstone Glow
  3. Wash: heavy wash with full-strength Agrax Earthshade
  4. Layer: dots of Krieg Khaki
  5. Wash: oversized dots of Nuln Oil over the khaki
  6. Layer: offset dots of Rhinox Hide

That’s it. 6 steps, but very time consuming. What do you guys and gals think? Have any other convincing camo recipes that don’t take ages?

I have to admit, doing this makes me pretty excited to finish off the squad, even though I had no intention of doing a ‘side’ project.