Finished Space Marine Librarian

My librarian in power armor is finally finished

I got back in the painting saddle this weekend and finished not one, but two projects. First up is the first Astartes HQ I’ve finished with my current paint recipes — the most recent space marine librarian in power armor. I love this model.

Raven Guard successor Space Marine LibrarianI started painting my librarian ages ago. According to this blog post it was last April, to be exact. Like I said: ages. Back then I was still using my brighter green recipe, so I had to repaint his robes to match my new color. He also had some older decals on, and I was able to salvage them by painting around, but they look a bit rough in closeups.

A few WIP shots

I had already done a lot of work before I started this weekend, including all the blue armor, the face, three steps on the bronze and two on the other metal, and blocking out the black and red. The first order of business was repainting the green. Shame, as I rather liked the blend I had on the brighter green. Oh well.

First stage finished: Clean marine style

I used to swear by clean marines with no battle damage or weathering, and I have to admit I still really enjoy the way they look. However, after having so much fun with my Queen Bee I realized I was really missing out by not weathering, so I decided to add it when I changed up my paint recipes. Here he is before I weathered him up. At this point I could have considered him finished.

Second stage finished: Weathering

I didn’t go too crazy on him. I figured, as a Librarian, he’s less likely to be spending a lot of time in the field, so I just kissed his feet with some ashes (speaking of which, I added ash flock to the base as well) and gave him some fairly minor scratches here and there. I little bit goes a long way, and helps to breathe a little more life into him.

A few other angles

Because why not? The damage on his right leg I thought looked particularly cool.

And that’s it. It accounted for a few hours at the table, and I think he’s suitably dark and creepy to lead my Eagle Eyes to battle. Don’t mention his crappy loadout… I have a sword magnetized already, and I want to do an open hand as well as a pistol of some kind to give me options. Of course, using Raven Guard rules means I also magnetized a jump pack for him. I’m really concerned I won’t be able to match the blues because, like an idiot, I didn’t bother writing down the paints I used anywhere. I’m pretty sure they’re paints from the older ranges, but I’m really not sure which. Ugh. Don’t be like me, kids.

Final note: I wasn’t even thinking about his base… It’s a 25mm, and I want to use 32 on all my marines. I think it would be easier at this point to get some of those adapters, but I’m kicking myself for not moving him off before I repainted him. It would have been the perfect time…