Space Hulk test mini

I needed a break from my knight, so I started messing with my Space Hulk terminators finally.

The red recipe for my Blood Angels:

Blood Angels paint recipe.

That’s Naggaroth Night, the old Mechrite Red (I may drop this), Drakenhof Nightshade, Khorne Red, Wazdakka Red, Wild Rider Red, Lugganath Orange and then glazed with Bloodletter. It’s a lot, I know. I’ve been wanted to do Zenith/Nadir airbrush work on them, and I wanted a very strong contrast to evoke the feeling of the much older PC game. I don’t mind taking my sweet time on these and doing them right. You may remember my earlier post on the topic. If not, it’s worth a quick glance.

Step 1: Zenithal highlighting and nadiral shading.

Step 2: Khorne red zenithal highlight.

This looks very much like a PC game to me, and it’s an interesting effect. First time I’ve tried it.

Step 3: Brushwork shading and highlighting.

Here’s where it starts to get interesting.

EDIT: Progress on Feb 11

Edit: Brother Noctis finished(ish) on Feb 12

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments are always welcome.