Space Hulk is the big new release?

So Games Workshop has been keeping it under wraps and dropping hints, (like ‘Alien Invasion’ in the White Dwarf coming soon section) but now they’ve released a teaser video and sealed the deal. It seems the rumors of another Space Hulk release have been confirmed.

Seems on odd choice. Or does it?

The Space Hulk video game got off to a rocky start (believe me, I preordered it), but one thing that was clear from the beginning was the loyalty people felt to the franchise. People really like this game. The 3rd Edition, released a couple years back (in 2009? Seriously it’s been that long?), sells on eBay for hundreds of dollars now.

The Blood Angel terminators were hailed as some of the best new models of the CAD-designed, dynamic style. Certainly the best push-fit models at the time (arguably still). The genestealers were creepy, vicious-looking buggers as well. Add the great tile art and overall polish, and the whole package was met with a positivity rare in our hobby.

Almost nobody has anything bad to say about this game.

So, now GW is trying to rekindle the flame with a new edition, widely rumored to be a Limited Edition version with 4 new missions, new counters, and new tiles. Seems a lot of the buzz is just from folks who missed out last time. Of course, with the new Games Workshop Limited Edition strategy, this one is likely to sell out very quickly as well. Is it worth it to get two and sell one? Maybe. As of writing, the 2009 version in shrink-wrap is going for over $250. If this new edition is priced at $125 as rumors suggest, it might be worth it depending on how many they make.

I’ll probably try to pick one up this time around if I can afford it. Ask me about the time I camped out for a PS2 at Best Buy. It was worth it then. It might be worth it now. What about you? Are you going to spring for it this time around?