Something new is coming soon

Hey friends. I’ve been super busy with real life lately. I failed out of my Dreadtober pledge (I’ll still finish the Dragoons soon. Hang in there) and in general haven’t had much time for hobby stuff. But, I have some plans and I’d love some feedback.

What’s coming soon, exactly?

I’m putting together a short, hopefully weekly podcast. I’d like to lay some things out so you have a chance to become part of the process and tell me what you like or don’t like. As usual, I have my own plans and thoughts but I’m always open to feedback of all kinds.

First, I want to keep it short for a very simple reason: I almost never listen to long podcasts, and I know I’m missing some good ones. I’m a writer by trade, and whenever I try to listen to a podcast at work it ends in disaster. I end up typing the words I’m hearing and I can’t hold a sentence together in my head. I have the same issue with music that features interesting or striking lyrics, so I listen to a ton of post-rock bands like Mono, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky. The podcasts I do listen to are very short. Like a half hour to an hour, max. I listen to them in the car, usually, and when I’m walking to work from the parking garage. Even a short one will soak both my before and after work time, if not more.

I’m thinking a half hour is the mark to shoot for, but it may stretch to 45 minutes sometimes.

Second, I feel like most of the podcasts I listen to are focused on competition-level painters, competitive gamers or hardcore lore deep dives in an instructional format. On the other hand, there are some that seem to have little focus and end up being a lot of banter, which can be entertaining but often makes me wish they edited it down to be shorter.

When trying to come up with a theme or topic I could stick to, I gravitated towards what I love about this hobby: collecting and building a force that’s uniquely your own in a casual way. Building communities of friends and enjoying narrative games just for the love of gaming. Basically beer and pretzels gaming. I don’t think this subsection of the hobby really has a strong voice, and I’d like to change that. I have my own stories about my armies, but I’m also really into other armies that are unique or tell an interesting tale, so I’d like to interview some folks I’ve become acquainted with online.

Why start podcasting when you already have a blog?

Simple. Since I’m a copywriter, I get paid to write all day long. It gets old. At the end of my day I don’t always feel like writing more. That’s why I try to write my posts in a very off-the-cuff way and edit them as little as possible. What’s even faster than writing? Talking. My wife was telling me she’s started dictating her meeting notes and that made me think. Maybe I should do that once a week or so. If it’s too much work I probably won’t be motivated to keep up with it, so I want to keep it pretty low-tech and simple, with minimal bells and whistles and editing as little as possible.

Here’s where you come in.

I would love to hear what you like and don’t like in a podcast. Intro music? What’s your ideal level of off-topic banter with guests or members? Do you like the pauses and breaks edited out or left in to feel natural? Do you prefer something that sticks to a script? How about listener-generated Q&A periods? Do you mind hearing a note from sponsors or would you look at a Patreon or donation-based model? What do you use to listen to podcasts? When do you listen to them.

Spit it all out in the comments. I want this to be a forum for like-minded casual gamers and collectors and I’m betting a lot of my regular commenters fall into that category somewhere. I don’t have an agenda, but I do want to do something different than what’s out there now.