State of the Forge address

I figured I ought to sort of check in and let everyone know what’s going on around here. There’s no big news, but no news is good news, as they say.

Here’s what’s up, in no particular order:

Borderlands: The Handsome CollectionBorderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. There’s something to be said about a wife that enjoys video games more than I do, and finally having a couch coop game that we both really enjoy. That said, it really cuts into my hobby time. Of course, I hobby because I enjoy it, and video gaming is another hobby of mine so as far as I’m concerned, I’m fine with that. I do understand that my projects are lagging, though, and the urge to hobby is waxing right now.

Putting together a Storm RavenStorm Raven. I recently picked up a Storm Raven at a deep discount, and have been working on assembling that bad boy. Really fun kit! I’m trying to decide how much I care about the interior right now… Since I want to model this with the landing gear retracted, it will never sit on the table. Because of that, I don’t see any strong reason to make the front or rear hatches ‘work.’ It’s not like my Land Raider. That said, it’s fun to paint interiors. That also said, if I skip the interior I might actually finish it in less than a year, and get it assembled faster so I could use it in-game. Ugh. Right now, I’ve magnetized the turret weapons and the nose weapons. I plan to magnetize the hurricane bolters and doors, but the way I do it will depend on whether I do the interior. I’m heavily leaning towards no right now, but I wish I hadn’t glued in some of the extra bits so I could save them on another project. Thoughts?

Painting live on Twitch
Twitch for hobby.
I’ve recently been watching some of the various Twitch streamers who assemble and paint models. There are only about a half-dozen, including the Black Library author Ben Counter. It’s fun to watch their streams while I work, but I need to be careful not to stop working altogether. It’s all too easy. It occurred to me that I kind of wanted to try it out. I had used Twitch to broadcast a few games of Space Hulk and I enjoyed it. I set it up last night and got it running, so I streamed painting for about 2 hours. I had a handful of viewers and it was nice to chat while I was working. I love talking about the hobby to newbs and veterans alike. If you’re at all interested, please check out my Twitch channel and subscribe if you want to get alerts when I go online. I’m still working out the kinks of where to position things, what mic to use, etc. I’m not very savvy with Twitch, and I have a Mac, so I could use any feedback or advice you have to make the stream better/more viewable/more interactive as well. I wish I could use all the cool plugins the PC version has. I’d like to make some kind of frame or overlay as well. Also, I guess it’s not okay to pipe music through your channel? I didn’t know that ahead of time and I’ve seen others do it, so I’m not sure what the rules are for that.

Miniature holder from pk-pro.deAccidental hobby purchases. I know a lot of us tell our significant other that we ‘accidentally’ bought a new box of models, but this is a little different. I was looking around for one of those model holders that people sometimes use so they can avoid touching their painted models. I found the site that had them and went to cart them, but of course the currency was displayed as Euros. I didn’t really know the exchange rate, so I went ahead and tried to click through until I got to a page that showed the summary. Well… The site was a little goofy, and it placed the order in Euros instead of giving me what I’ve come to expect, which is a page breaking down the payment method, the addresses, the items and a big confirmation button. Basically it placed the order without charging me, and then took me to a PayPal page. I was getting email right away that my order was being processed, so I figured at that point I had to pay for it. That’s okay, since I wanted it anyway. I would maybe have preferred a more calculated decision, but I guess that’s my own fault. The good news is I have one of these cool holders coming to me over the next couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll post up a review after I play with it.