Shop Talk

Sometimes a thought occurs to me and it gets stuck in my head. Lately, I’ve beet putting together a Stormtalon for my Eagle Eyes to give me a bit of a break from my Knight. I’ve had the kit for a little while and it kept bugging me. As I was happily cutting and glueing, I realized just how much more I enjoy assembling a model than painting it.

For some reason, I always think about painting models as being the core of my hobby but when it comes down to it, that’s not where I get the most enjoyment.

I guess I’ve known this for a long time, but I get such a sense of satisfaction from having painted models that I sort of don’t realize how much I like the assembly. I do enjoy painting a lot. Messing with new metal techniques, weathering, etc. for my Knight has been really interesting. However, the satisfaction I feel when I’m done is over the fact that I’m done. The actual painting process is not all that much actual fun. It’s challenging, of course, and I take great pride in it and strive to get better. But it’s not really, like, FUN fun.

Modeling, however, really IS fun for me. I absolutely love everything from looking over sprues (Even easier now that GW puts sprue pics on their site. I can stare at those for ages, even if I have no intention of getting the model) and cutting out bits, cleaning mould lines, dry-fitting, posing, glueing, kit-bashing… And magnetizing. I love the challenge of trying to rethink how to assemble the model with all the options accurately represented. On the Stormtalon, I had looked up a bunch of magnetizing tutorials to see how others had done it and nothing quite fit my ideas. So, I decided to have a go at it. I’ll post up my own tutorial soon, but the act of trying to see how it all works and how I can solve the problem of getting all options and keeping the design intact is just too much fun. Check out my Knight weapon magnetization tutorial to see what I mean.

While I really should finish my Knight (especially since North American Games Day may happen after all) I can’t help but peek at the box of scouts and Land Speeder Storm that are still in shrink-wrap. Somehow I feel like they’ll be assembled in gray before my Knight is ready…