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Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 16 — Silver metal progress. 

Just a quick update here so I can pick up some comments and suggestions, hopefully. I’ve been working on the silver metal bits. Here’s the basic recipe (I’ll do more of a tutorial on the other leg once I settle). I started with the mix of Adeptus Battlegrey and Leadbelcher for the base, added Typhus Corrosion around the bolts and in the cracks (mostly for the grit), a Nuln Oil wash, drybrushed original gray/silver, drybrushed Necron Compound (that stuff’s awesome) lightly, added painted scratches with Runefang Steel, stippled the same lightly on edges with a sponge. I have yet to add the grubby dirt and rust. Here are some pics in warm lamp light first:

And here are some more in natural sunlight. You can see different aspects of the finish in this light. The metal is actually pretty dull except on the edges, where the wear-and-tear would rub down the corroded surface.

The recipe for the pistons is simple. I started with bright silver, added Seraphim Sepia around base and area where the piston goes into the machine. Then, added a bit of Agrax Earthshade to the lip and added some streaks. Then, I added the “high water mark” lines where the piston’s movement area would extend to. I want to go through and add some gloss coat to the dark greasy bits. Has anyone ever tried tinting ‘Ardcoat with an ink, paint or wash and brushing it on? Does that work?