Selling the story with details

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 21 — You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Alright. The fiancé was out of town and I had a little time to hobby. I wanted to get some of the Queen’s detailing done on the torso before moving on to the serious weathering that’s coming up soon. I started them a while ago, but I did some more work on the pouches, weapons, etc. last night. Have a look!

Extra kit on an Imperial Knight torso In case you missed it way earlier, Aurelia keeps a bunch of emergency supplies in the alcove under the Queen’s shoulder armor. She’s got a pistol (which is way too big for her to use, really. It’s just to make her feel better), a few grenades, and a bunch of tools for emergency repair jobs. I haven’t decided yet if she’s cold enough to have looted these off Eagle Eyes astartes she fought with, or if they were given to her. I’m leaning towards given, but she’s pretty resourceful so I dunno… I love the idea that she climbs around on the metal frame here, like a monkey, and grabs stuff when she goes out. The thought is that her Throne Mechanicum never leaves the cockpit anymore (since she’s Freeblade) and when Aurelia’s lady-friend takes a hit and needs to be patched up in the middle of battle, she can pop out, grab her gun, a grenade or two and some tools, and scramble around to make repairs. I just love the thought of it.

Small shrine on an Imperial KnightThis is a little icon that Aurelia installed right behind where the ion shield is mounted. I figure this holds specially prepared sacred oils and unguents to appease the machine spirit when this fickle piece of tech is on the brink. While I see Aurelia as being very practical and eschewing many of the pseudo-mystical practices of the Mechanicus, there is some tech she just can’t wrap her head around. She’s a nuts and bolts kinda gal, so welding, joints, metal, hell even duct tape (seriously, I modeled some on two leaky hoses) are all no problem. Even the wiring is no big deal for her. But, for things like the ion shield and the throne interface, she doesn’t trust herself to fully understand the tech. Plus, like any sailor or soldier who’s intimately familiar with the things their life depends on, there’s a lot of superstition and old ritual to follow where luck plays into something. For that reason, when she feels like it’s needed, she’ll go down and pop open this shrine, anoint the machine with sacred oils and say a little prayer. She’s a bit embarrassed by it, but she figures she way as well do it; it seems to help (or maybe it just helps her feel better). The metal skulls here are highly polished as well, in stark contrast to the crusty metal around it. I also used a little yellow glaze to give the impression that the metal is actually shining. Incidentally, you can see just how crusty the metal around it is up close.

Extra kit on an Imperial Knight torsoOn the other side, there’s not nearly as much added kit. She does keep a camo roll which doubles as a blanket/bedroll for cold nights in the field or sleeping in the cockpit. Also note the little toolkit that she keeps by the heavy stubber, to use when it gets jammed up or to swap barrels. Oh, wait, what are those in the back?

Eggs in a nest on an Imperial KnightThe eggs! I’m not quite done with the nest yet, but the eggs came out pretty well, I think. I can’t remember exactly what layers and order I painted it in, but it had a dark gray base, followed with Nihilakh Oxide for that chalky texture, khaki spots, Agrax Earthshade, more Oxide… There were a bunch of steps. Again, I know it’s a little silly, but I think it’s got some pretty cool symbolic meaning. This machine virtually never resides in an Adeptus Mechanicus hanger. It’s hers, and she maintains it with her own familial group of hand-picked, personally trained natives of Tonatzin (home world of my Eagle Eyes). She keeps it out there, with them, in a small village they live in together. That means the Queen Bee is in the jungle a lot. And in this jungle, there are many birds of paradise. Heck, maybe these are even from the famed Jade Eagles, namesake of the Eagle Eyes. I quite like the idea that she saw the nest at some point, and decided to leave it right there. Surely they’ll die, but to remove the nest would most likely kill them anyway. So, she just left it. While she’s no stranger to death and murder, she likes to think she only kills those who deserve it. Amazingly, with the heat exhaust ports close by but not right on top of them, the eggs are still intact. She’s sure they’ll fall out one of these days, but she’s keeping the hope alive and checks on them every morning.

I told you it was silly. Haters gonna hate, probably.

That’s all for now. Next up, finishing the nest itself, but then the fun part on the other side: I’ll be painting up the Howling Banshee exarch pole arm blade she has strapped on the shoulder cage. That should be fun. Then, I should be ready to do the washes.

Thoughts? C&C as welcome as ever.