Nice body!

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 23 — Torso oil paint and pigment weathering.

My standing hobby desk in actionI’ve been painting just about non-stop since yesterday evening so this is a big update. This has been my view all morning. I’m not nearly as organized as I’d like to be when I get going. I really need some blinds, too. That sunlight can be so intense.

Oil paints and weathering pigments have been added, just like I did for the legs. This was a little different, as the legs had lots of clear patches and deep sockets. I had to make up what I thought should get the heaviest rust. Honestly I just tried to randomize it a bit, so the same bits didn’t look exactly the same on the left and right except where they should. After the weathering, I also mixed up the grease effect with Future and brown ink and applied that in a few spots. And how about some closeups?

Imperial Knight weatheringThis quarter section is pretty heavily corroded. Note the greasy mess that’s leaking behind where the heavy stubber will be. I had a lot of fun with the grease mixture, as you’ll see. It looks awesome in the light.

Imperial Knight weatheringThese exhausts finally came together for me with the blue green verdigris and just a bit of rust. I’ll probably add some weathering powder soot to the very tips. They have a little less rust than some other parts since they’d be much drier due to the heat most of the time.

IMG_1715And the back. I have yet to paint the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol here (I swapped out the pic). It doesn’t show as well in this pic, but the brass plate on the lower right is popped up where the rivet’s missing. I was pretty generous with the rust in this area, and I added a fair bit of the grease mixture as well to make it look like it’s been leaking. You can actually see it better in the next pic.

Imperial Knight weatheringI wanted to show you some of the nooks and crannies here. Note the area behind her trophy. I added a lot of rust in these bits, and also on some I added some more leaking grease. I was shooting for the look of old farm equipment, with grease soaking into rough patches of corrosion. I think it turned out pretty well.

Imperial Knight WIPHere’s where she stands now, so you can see the legs as well. Color’s a bit off due to strong daylight. Sorry about that.

I can’t decide whether to do her arms or base next. What do you guys think?