New hobby items from Citadel

So this weekend is said to feature some surprise releases from Games Workshop and Citadel: new hobby tools! While I may or may not get some of them, I’m excited to see a release that isn’t a new model kit. Here’s the skinny:

WD12coverThe cover of this week’s White Dwarf (via the always-first-to-break-it El Descanso del Escriba) shows “New Citadel Tools | The Ultimate Hobby Accessories” right there. So the rumors seem to be true. Translating from the Spanish reveals the tools to be:

  • All-metal clippers or sprue cutters that look really cool. I mean the design is cool. They seem the same otherwise.
  • A hobby knife with interchangeable blades (def replacements according to leaks).
  • Set of 3 sculpting tools, including a tip for applying textured paint. Sounds interesting and makes an awful lot of sense for anyone who’s used it.
  • A pin-vice drill with 3 bits.
  • A mould-line scraper.
  • A metal file set with 2 files! Hopefully this one is decent.
  • A box set with all of them in a carrying case.


That all sounds pretty awesome to me. Why am I excited? Because it’s nice to see that they’re giving more time and attention to hobby topics again. Between the Sprues and Glue section in The White Dwarf, to the excellent videos they’ve been posting on assembling and painting the new kits, I feel like I’m getting decent content once again.

I was shocked to actually LEARN some things about decals in a White Dwarf recently. I’ve been gaming for ages, and it’s nice to hear pro-tips that actually felt like pro-tips instead of beginner’s advice.

Will hoary old veterans use these new tools? Probably not. We’ll continue to haunt scale model shops and craft stores because for us, that’s part of the fun. Seeing all the amazing tips and tricks that historical gamers and train modelers have to give us is a blast. I’d love to see the wargaming hobby mix with some of these old codgers and soak up their knowledge of weathering and super-detailing.

In the meantime, if the new kids on the block, and even the primarily-gamers, are pushed a little to look at growing their desk arsenal beyond a couple of knives and Citadel thick (AND thin, if they’re really serious) plastic cement, that can only be a good thing.

I’m excited to see all these new releases from Games Workshop in general, but it’s great to see something besides models tossed into the mix. I’d love to see how much thought they put into the design to see if they’re different from what’s out there. With the sculpting tip designed for textured paint, I’d say they put some thought into it. That’s great news. I’m not holding my breath that they’re breaking all kinds of new ground, but at least they’re trying to stay competitive I hope. I’ll be trolling the ‘nets to see if pics pop up soon, or if we get a good English description that makes it all more clear.

How strange is it that people are so excited about a tools release?

Heck, if the files are nice I just might spring. I’ve always been pleased with GW tools compared to some others I’ve tried, honestly.

Between this and the excellent decal sheets they’ve been putting out, I dare say Games Workshop is getting back into this hobby.