Metal trim almost finished.

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 33 — Metal trim and light box pictures.

I’ve been working double-time trying to get the Queen done, and that means buckling down and getting more work done on the metal trim I’d been putting off. There are tons of pics, so let’s get down to business.

Before we get to the metal trim, let’s take a look at some extra details I’ve been able to do now that I’m in the home stretch.

Servo skull rear-view mirror

I started this ages ago, but it broke off right away and I figured it could wait until the end. I made the cord with just a paperclip, drilled into both the skull and a spot on the rear torso. I used a little day-glow pigments for some OSL on the green eye and red light on the side.

Repaired chain ladder

Another feature that I was able to get back to. The original chain ladder just wrapped around the rear bar. It broke when my cat knocked her off the table early on, and again I just never got around to it. I had the idea to recreate as though Aurelia actually affected a simple repair, welding a bit of rebar on and wrapping the new chain around it. I also wanted to keep the new chain looking really new.

And NOW the metal trim

I got everything to this point first, following my earlier recipe.

Around this time I decided to add an additional couple layers of Seraphim Sepia to heighten the contrast. It was looking too washed out for me.

And then I took some more pics with the light box that show off the contrast a little better.

Speaking of the light box, I made a really simple one but I’m not terribly pleased with the results. I had a hard time with it washing out the colors. I tried to correct a bit in Photoshop but it’s not great. I may end up buying one.

I’ve actually done a little more work adding some scratches to the metal trim. This might actually be my second to last post on the Queen. I’ll miss working on her, but after a year and a half it feels really good to be this close.

Stay tuned!