Mentor Legion Anniversary Marine progress

Imperial Space Marine – Mentor Legion: Part 2

I didn’t have time to finish him yet, but I’m making some progress. Now that the two biggest part are done I’ve been picking off details one by one. First up were the red lenses and various doodads around the model.

I started working on the gun, using a few different metallic recipes to break up the rather confusing mess. I used a cleaner metal for the scope, which looked to me as if it were added at a later date. I also picked out the flywheel or fan bit above the hand to call attention to it, and the bayonet is fresh and clean. I wanted the hoses to offer some contrast, and they looked more like wires than metal tubes, so I painted them in colors to break things up. I’m trying to decide if I should add black hazard stripes to the yellow wires. I have no clue what the three things are on his right forearm, so I made them buttons he could press to activate all the gadgetry a Mentor Legion marine might have built into his armor.

A closer look

Imperial Space Marine mentor legionI really love this pose. When I took this pic, though, all I could see was a hockey player. How much fun would it be to give him (power) ice skates and modify the bayonet into a hockey stick and paint him as a Space Wolf. Sounds like the kind of thing they’d get up to on Fenris as a ‘training exercise.’ Feel free to steal the idea for a diorama, people. Make. This. Happen. But seriously, I think it looks pretty badass from this angle. The warmly glowing red visor pops off the dark green very well, and he looks grungy and ready to seek and destroy. You can sort of see the chapter badge, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Imperial Space Marine mentor legionFrom here you can really see the gun well. I think it looks the part of a very ancient, confusing weapon. I’ll be adding more wear and tear to the bronzeish bits, but not much else. That look was simple, by the way. It’s 50/50 Leadbelcher and Rhinox Hide, given a staple/drybrush of Leadbelcher and a Nuln Oil wash so far. The gold rivets on the shoulder pad are exactly what I was shooting for to match the classic artwork. Again, from here you can see that baleful eye nestled in the dark green visor. It looks so sinister to me.

Imperial Space Marine mentor legionNot much to look at from behind to be honest, but keep in mind this is mostly how it’ll look on the table. I was surprised by how dominant this green color is. I thought it was sort of minimal when I first started painting, but that backpack is huge! I finally added the knife/pouches and Disintegrator Pistol at this point as well, and gave them a quick start. I think I’ll leave most of the metal dark and dull like this. I quite like it. The knife and bayonet will both get more highlights, and so will the brown leather.

Again, ice skater. Now you’ll never unsee it.

Imperial Space Marine mentor legionI really wish I could paint freehand worth a shit. I was going to do a much larger owl, but as I stared at the old picture I decided that weird pennant was just too unique to pass up. It was on both versions of the shoulder pad in the painting, so I decided I had better match that. The pennant itself was easy enough, though I noticed it’s rotated clockwise maybe 2 or 3 degrees. But my god, that owl is so tiny. I have pretty nice brushes these days, and my hands are still steady. That means I have no damn excuse. I just have never been any good at freehand. Some people have such a clean and crisp painting style, but I’ve never been one of them. On a good day, maybe, but usually my style is much more “painterly,” if you will. In this case, I was really trying to make that little owl look okay. I’m not well pleased, but frankly from a tabletop distance it’s fine. I had to have gone over it 4 or 5 times before deciding this was as good as my skills would allow at this time.

I don’t hate it, but I could use your advice. Do you think I should:

  • Leave the logo as-is
  • Leave off the pennant bit and do a larger owl head
  • Print a full-color decal instead
  • Print a black and white decal and color it like the Queen Bee’s shield mural

What’s left?

Next post should see this bad boy finished. I need to add chips and weathering, finish off the metal and leather pouches, seal it and base it. I think that’s it, and frankly that’s the easier stuff. Thoughts or advice? Suggestions before I finish it? Leave a comment, please.