Librarian in the works

I wasn’t going to buy this Librarian model. Not because I didn’t like it. Indeed, I think it’s a great sculpt. It was too expensive. This was the first model that I wanted, and chose not to get because $30 for one model couldn’t be justified in my head.

But then I found it half off in a clearance section of a game shop. Who does that? Mayhem Comics in Ames, Iowa. That’s who. I was shocked, amazed, and more than a little excited to get my hands on it.

I magnetized his hands and backpack, natch, but I put together the basic model just to get started painting him. I wanted him to lead a small Kill Team force. I decided the best way to do this was to sculpt armored gauntlets going up the forearms. Here’s where he is now.


The front: Still very much WIP except the blue, which is basically finished. I really love this model.  I think it’s a good, dynamic pose without being over the top. His hands were tricky to magnetize, though.

IMG_3220And the back. Nothing special here, just stock. I haven’t highlighted the green yet, just shaded.

Librarian headA closeup of his face. He’s starting to go gray and his skin is lightening, as befitting a son of Corax.

IMG_2796And here’s the start of his jump pack and sword hand. I added the icon to the top (from the Assault Terminators box I believe) and sculpted the scroll and rope on the pack. You can’t see it here, but I also added ram horns on the front of the icon and two push-molded skulls on the tops of the jetpack intakes. The sword is from the Ravenwing upgrade box. I trimmed some bits off and added the force sword squiggle. It looks thick in the pic but I think it’ll look better once I get some paint on it. It’s pretty low-profile. The skull on the bottom has very tiny ram horns sculpted on. That was not fun. I’ll add some more pics as he comes along, but he’s been on the back burner since I got my Imperial Knight.