Weathering finished on the legs

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 18 — Weathering powder and oil/grease. 

Big update coming. It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been taking pics. First up, I’ll show you the beginning of the torso metal just to get these pics up.

The first step is just a 50/50 mix of Leadbelcher and Adeptus Battlegray (the old Foundation paint).

And then a liberal smattering of Typhus Corrosion over the base. I love this stuff and I won’t shut up about it until you all buy it.

And at this point I’m starting the brass. I’ll finish that and then come back to the steel bits.

I like how the extra bits and subtle conversions look with some paint on them. The damage on the exhaust stacks and the welded bit on her left shoulder cage look pretty natural now.

Now onto the real show. I finally picked up a couple sets of weathering pigments. I started using the rust colored ones first, but I have others whenever I get around to those bits. I applied some to to the legs straight with a brush. It was a mix of a reddish one and a medium-dark brown one. I was surprised how much they covered. I wasn’t really expecting that.

Seeing how heavy they were, I knocked them back a bit with some water, and then again with mineral spirits (white spirits across the pond) to further reduce the effect and also fix them in place.

Next, I made up a mix of the reddish and brown pigments mixed with mineral spirits, making a sort of paste, and applied that around the bolts and in the deepest cracks to represent the texture of established, caked rust.

I softened some of the effect again with a brush dampened with clean mineral spirits to blend it in and feather the edges on some areas. This also reduced the harshness some more.

I wanted to add a little more color, so I mixed up some Blazing Orange with the medium-dark pigment and stippled some on lightly in the thickest areas of rust.

Runefang Steel sponged and brushed on.I sponged on some more Runefang Steel on top of everything, and re-added some of the brushwork scratches with the same to add layers of depth. For some reason I only snapped one picture…

At this point I also sealed the legs with some Testor’s Dullcote spray to lock all the pigments in and prep for the next step. I’m pretty happy with the rust effects.

Now the final step, and the one I was most excited about: I mixed some of the old dark brown Citadel Ink into some Pledge floor polish (also called Future or Kleer in Europe) to get a really dark greasy, oily residue. It’s very thin, like a wash, but glossy. I added this around any bits that would move to represent thick machine oil seeping from the joints and seals. I also added some around the hoses and tubing, and in layers around the pistons to where they would retract. I’m giving this some time to dry, and then I may add one or two more layers. I think the contrast with the very matte rust areas, metallic areas, and then the glossy grease areas looks really cool.

I’d call the weathering on the metal pretty much done now. I will add some soot probably around the exhaust cowling on the rear hips and some of the grease mixture to the ball joint on top (wasn’t really thinking about that at the time).

I still need to paint to toe armor of course, and the soft armor on the inner thighs, as well as the smooth tubing.