Extra detailing on the Land Raider interior

Land Raider Project: part 2— It’s getting crazy in here. 

More progress has been made on my new Land Raider kit, including a very exciting sneak peek at something extra for the exterior.

Purity Seal Kit

A glimmer of an idea formed from more conversations on Twitter inspired a new interior detail. I wanted to open up one of the foot lockers and add something. Scott Ferguson (https://twitter.com/ryglore) came up with the idea to do a purity seal kit for field promotions. I loved the idea so much I set about sketching it out, sculpting it and painting it up over the next few days. The feather, by the way, is meant to  be made from a jade eagle feather. They’re the namesake of the chapter, native to the home world of the Eagle Eyes. I figured the chaplains would hold them as sacred, representing the fierce spirit of these massive birds of prey. It’s much brighter than my army’s scheme, and really jumps out in its gloomy surroundings.

Extra blast doors

Extra blast doors made from plasticard.Just like the double-sided cogitator/tool kit bit, I wanted another set of doors for the rear entry points. I made them very crudely and quickly with two sheets of plasticard, rough cut and then trimmed into place. I then glued the rivets into place and they were pretty much ready to rock.

Servo Skull attendant

Another attempt at pushing forward a bit of story came in the form of a servo skull. I knew I wanted one somewhere, and I figured the engine was a great place. Plus, it would be visible through the doors and that area could use a little umph. I cut his lowest tube off and bent a bit of paperclip into place, then drilled and glued it into the skull bit. After a fairly simple paint job, I drilled a spot below the engine and glued him facing it, as though he were inspecting the cause of the leaking oil.

Tool panel and cogitator array

I painted these bits up finally. Also note the empty terminator helmet and auspex in front of the tool panel. I know the tool bits should really be facing out, but I never liked that if the doors are meant to be entry points. Makes the winch a bit weird, but not enough to make me want to NOT do this. The cogitators are meant to match other elements of my army that are already painted. I wish I would have put more thought into these a long time ago, but I think they get the job done.

Drama shots

I started assembling and test fitting the exterior bits, and I realized it looked kind of cool with that lighting so I snapped a few extra shots. Might as well post ’em.

And now for the teaser

Little tease of something coming up.I have to admit I was sort of rushing through some of this because I’m very excited about something for the exterior of the Land Raider. Does anyone want to try guessing what this package contains? If you follow me on Bolter & Chainsword, don’t spoil the fun quite yet. I’ll do a more thorough post at a later date, but now I can’t wait to get the hull glued so I’m trying to finish up everything else that’s in the way.