Adding Land Raider Crusader and Redeemer frag launchers

Land Raider Conversion: part 3 — Crusader / Redeemer frag launchers

Custom Land Raider frag launchersOkay, so now that the cat’s out of the bag in regards to the Loricatus Heavy Armor kit (go look at my review if you haven’t already) I can talk about something I’ve been working on since adding the armor. The Space Marine Land Raider Redeemer and Crusader are much better vehicles for assault-based armies like mine. Their weapons synergize with getting up close and personal, and the frag launchers are a big part of that if you’re about to charge through cover. The fact is they’re also easily recognizable on the battlefield. The Loricatus armor covers the front part of the treads, which makes it impossible to add the frag launchers. I knew I wanted to create magnetized plates that I could take off if I wanted to show off the armor, but I couldn’t decide how to do it. I decided to go ahead and just make them out of plasticard, and I’d like to show you how I did just that.

Creating custom Land Raider Redeemer and Crusader frag launchers


First things first, I figured it would be a good idea to make a sort of base plate to hold the magnet it place. I cut the corners down so it would be less fiddly. Pretty basic at this point. The plasticard filled in the inner area very well, though, so I was duplicated it for the other side before I made the top plate. I had added magnets below the Loricatus armor before I glued it down, and now I let the magnets come to rest, marked their position, and cut a hole for it to pass through.

It was a fairly simple thing to make the top plate out of thicker plasticard, and then mark the magnet location. I carefully drilled a bit into the top plate, but not through it. It just needed a little extra room for the small neodymium magnet to seat. Once in place, the plates sort of fit themselves after some careful measuring and cutting. I took inspiration from the Loricatus itself and used the rivets as a guide for the plate. I also filed a bevel into them to match the Loricatus kit. It’s all pretty rough here.

And here’s where it starts to look like a Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer again. I cut apart the frag launchers and filed the launchers down so they’d fit tighter. It was actually a real pain in the ass, but eventually I sort of roughed them into place. I guess I didn’t get a pic, but I did a little more cleanup after the glue had dried. Right now they look more uneven than they do in real life. I’m hoping a spot of paint will help with this as well. My goal of making this recognizable is achieved, even though the original Redeemer / Crusader has 6 on each side. The best part about getting this taken care of is I can finish painting it now. There shouldn’t be any other conversion work for the Land Raider kit.

I’m sure next time I post on this project at least the base paint should be in place. I’d like to do some freehand work in the nice open panels, since they’re just begging for it. I plan on looking up some Aztec and Mayan carvings and paintings to see if I can come up with something that’s  not silly looking.