It’s all in her head

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 13 — Unfolding face plate.

Alright, folks. The new hobby room (that’s right, a whole room!) is finally put together for the most part and work has resumed on The Queen Bee. I’ve got a couple other things in the works but she remains my #1 priority. Without further ado, let us strike the first rune of activation.

Green Stuff tubes on Imperial Knight legsJust a quick shot of what’s going on with her (very attractive) backside. You can see the two GS tubes have been added. I need to patch up the joins a bit, clearly, and the one on the right is actually a really tough angle! It’s going to end up corkscrewing just a little bit to even fit in place and I’m quite concerned that it may have a hard time staying in place. Now I know why some people make their tubes with a piece of wire inside so it can be posed. I’ll do just that if I need to. I’m letting the CA glue cure before I work the bend here and try to finish with this. The tube on her left leg is totally fine. In fact, I could have simply used the tube that was intended for the right leg. As you can see, though, the GS tubes have thicker ribs so I didn’t want them to look out of place, and also the bit that joins the leg has what looks to me like a quick-release coupler on it and I wanted to keep that intact. These tubes are drilled and pinned in place just on the ends. Only a tiny bit, but it seems to add some strength. They’re still weaker than I want them to be.

And now for the bit I’d like your feedback on. I’m probably going for a different face style than before. I can’t make the tilting helmet work right with the hinges, so I started playing around with the other two. At first I was going to try to combine the skull mask with the trojan one, but the skull seemed too small and not quite right. I had been ignoring the trojan mask because I was thinking that it would look funny to have the two sides flipped up in the style of a tilting helmet. Then it occurred to me that they didn’t need to tilt like that and I started messing with alternates. I tried it with a hinge like the doors on sports cars first, and then I tried to make them flip out sideways like the back shell of a beetle. That ended up looking kind of cool, very different, kind of high tech, and also oddly like a ‘flying nun’ habit. 😀 I present to you the new face of death:

And there you have it. The Queen Bee, flying nun style. I think it looks pretty rad, myself. I wasn’t really liking the conquistador helmet look all that much, but this new style is really growing on me. Looks like: horns, samurai helmets, beetle shells, dolorean doors, and other things that are pretty cool. From the top especially I think it’s cool. I also like to imagine how strange it would look to watch the face armor “unfold” as you’re looking at it. Also, like the tilting mask before it, you can almost feel the *chunk* sound as these plates slam back down into place.

What do you think?