Dreadtober — Detail work, Ironclad feet and primer!

Dreadtober — part 4

I’ve got the vast majority of the build finished at this point. I’m reasonably happy with the pose, and the Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought feet have gotten the Ironclad treatment. I did a bit of gap filling and then I threw a primer layer on him so I could see how it looks all together.

Detailing the bottom of dreadnought feet and adding the Ironclad treatment

I really liked how the original Ironclad feet had those cool piston anchor things between the toes. I wanted to use the Space Wolf feet, but I liked this little detail so I decided to see if I could reproduce it.

Ironclad pistons on a Space Wolf Dreadnought footI started by drilling a little space for them right where the toes joined at the corners. I just sort of rasped a portion away the side of a drill bit. I then used three different sizes of plastic rod to create the shape, using my digital calipers to make sure the lengths were accurate. I tried to stick pretty close to the Ironclad dimensions, even though these feet were a fair bit smaller overall. The main piston was just medium-thickness rod, and then I added little skinny bits to the top on the raised foot, representing pistons in a non-deployed ready state. Once I started detailing the bottom of the foot, I realized I had room for the bottom ring, which is significantly  wider on the original piece. Speaking of the bottom…

Detail on the bottom of a space marine dreadnought footI added strips of thin plasticard to the bottom of the toes, carefully cutting them down to shape. I carved spaces for the piston rondels as well. I then cleaned it up and scored some traction into it as well, but I guess I took this pic before I did that, so it looks a bit rough here. I added the aquila from the top of the banner pole, filed down flat on one side. I love the bottom of the claws on this bit. They already had that nice curve to them.

I added deployed pistons to the other, planted foot. They don’t look like much, honestly, but the effect is nice for anyone who notices. Here are both feet with the primer on, so you can see how it comes together.

Extra details on the dreadnought to give it a sense of movement

And I’ll also drop some pics of the whole thing as it is right now. You can see I’ve added some things to add a sense of direction to the movement, like turning the spotlight and adding a streaming purity seal and pennant. I can’t get over the fact that the spotlight looks like a Tau crisis suit head. I guess I have Tau on the mind with all these new releases.

IMG_0098I’ll toss in one last pic, showing that I’ve primed the three main arms. I don’t think I’ll be using the frag launchers, missiles, or Hurricane bolter anytime soon, so I’m not bothering to paint them quite yet. This might be silly, but I really want to get it done before Dreadtober has finished. I can’t believe I’ve even gotten this far! I haven’t hammered through a project like this in a long, long time.

What’s next? Some cleanup and then paint.

In my haste to get this guy moving, I haven’t spent enough time cleaning mould lines and whatnot. It’s much easier to see these things with a little paint on it, so I’ll do a bit more cleanup now, work on the base, and then start laying in base colors. Now that he’s in black I can get a much better sense of how the plasticard work blends in. It’s not perfect, but it turned out pretty well, I think. It’s such a goofy pose, but any pose with a dread is going to feel that way, I think.

Thoughts? Comments? How are you all doing with your pledges?