I’m still alive

Hey all! I have a brand-new baby boy at home, and frankly hobby stuff has been well beyond my reach as of late.

I assure you all, he’s worth taking a break for.

That said, I have actually been doing some things. Chiefly, I procured a second-hand lot of Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii treats for a song. This includes:

  • 4 Kastelan ‘bots with (poorly) magnetized hands and shoulder weapons, plus their two priests.
  • 6 Kataphron Destroyers, all armed with Grav and flamers. Sadly not magnetized.
  • 2 Onagers, fully magnetized main weapons with extra Heavy Stubbers glued on.
  • The bit I’m most excited about: 3 Dragoons with Taser Lances and Serpentias.

I’ve been working on trying to pry some of them apart and I already stripped them down to primer. The guy who built them used Zap a Gap (CA) glue, and soaking them in Purple Power seemed to do pretty much nothing to it. I was able to get most of the magnets out of the robots with pinpoint application of both nail polish remover and brute force. I tried to do the freezer trick (frozen CA glue usually snaps apart) on the Dragoons and Kataphrons, but ZaG must be immune to it. I succeeded in literally tearing bits apart, but usually by breaking the plastic as much as the glue. It’s a mess that will be a pain to fix. Such is life, I guess.

I also decided I don’t really like to have two very similar priests with the bots, so I pulled enough bits off one to kit-bash with a metal Enginseer I had sitting around for ages. I love that model. I’ll maybe use HIS leftover bits to do a techmarine at some point. Seems like I should be able to mount the chest box with data cartridges on his belt or trunk somewhere, and then I’ll do a little conversion on the power fist and pop his pistol on. The backpack can be use wholesale with no mods. Just glues right on, thankfully. He should still have the important features of the Datasmith type but will be a totally different pose and silhouette. Easy peasy.

With all of this, I should be able to field a War Convocation if I want to, but I haven’t really looked at the books yet to figure that all out. He also gave me the data cards, which is great for the Canticles and Doctrinas alone, and mostly-intact Mars AND Ryza transfer sheets! I’ll still need to do some custom ones for my forge world’s maker plates and maniple designations, but I’ll have all the fun little symbols and script to play with. I love those transfer sheets, actually. They’re packed with amazing stuff.

That’s all for now, folks. Maybe some day I can get a test model painted to nail down some of these paint recipes. Wish me luck!