Starting a new Land Raider from the inside out.

Land Raider Project: part 1— New Land Raider, I’m inside you.

Well folks, my Knight is getting close to done (stalled right now) so I’m starting up new projects. One that I’m very excited about right now is a Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader for my Eagle Eyes chapter.

I shall call this mighty war machine cuauhxicalli (pronounced something like quaw-she-call-ee). Remember the name. It doesn’t have the ring of Queen Bee, I know… But it means “eagle vessel” in Nahuatl and that seems spot on, since that’s what it is.

I’ve been working on the interior already, and both loving and hating the LR kit all over again.

Started with some “basic” weathering on the interior. Drybrushed Leadbelcher over a black sprayed primer, then Agrax wash, old Badab Black wash in some spots, then weathering powders fixed with White Spirit. I tried to show the rear exit points by focusing the weathering in the less trafficked areas by the front seats and the middle of the rear, by the engine.

And then I took some more pics after I added some sponged-on Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel chips, and some greasy oil drips from the engine and a few other spots. It’s a little hard to see in some pics, but there are lots of glowing red and yellow OSL effects, added with glazes. In the case of the yellow, I also added some neon pigments. I’ll probably do the same for the red but I haven’t yet.

And then, to set up my next session, I started on some more details that I’ll be painting up soon. I added a bolter to the rack by the front ramp, and then glued a helmet and auspex sitting on the bench (thanks for the helmet idea, Guy Parker!) . I guess it’s the sergeant’s since he’s helmetless. biggrin.png Also, the white bit is a resin cast of the tool kit bit. It’s a double sided piece but I wanted to use both sides. Why do they do that? It’s weird! This way I can use this side and also the side with the screens on the opposite wall. Pain in the butt, but if I ever add another LR I have the mold all ready to go. msn-wink.gif

That’s all for now. More to come soon. And the name is cuauhxicalli (pronounced something like quaw-she-call-ee). There will be a quiz in one week’s time.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments are always welcome, one and all.