The Horus Heresy game and what it means to me.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I wrote this article before the rumor mill told us these red strips are likely just to help promote the Black Library books. Changes things a little, but it’s still worth keeping this post up. Carry on.  

Okay. I have to come clean on this because it’s been weighing on my mind. I had no intentions of joining the Horus Heresy hype train.

Note the past tense usage, “had,” in that previous sentence. I cannot help but be overcome with excitement over the potential for a plastic Horus Heresy line, as evidenced by massive leaks of some of the sprues. At first, I was even able to resist those, but then the evidence started mounting and it began to feel a lot more real.

I’ve never been overly tempted by the ForgeWorld lines of Heresy stuff. Yes, it’s cool. Yes, some of the models were amazing. Yes, I enjoyed the books as much as the next guy. What I didn’t relish was the seemingly prohibitive cost of the models, the extensive reliance on massive tanks and walkers seemed like it would drive the cost up even further.

med_gallery_79873_10492_38587What changed my mind, eventually? This picture. It’s a shelf tag strip for shop displays. Yup, that’s what did it for me. Seeing this made me realize that Games Workshop was actually going to start doing them in plastic, at least core boxes. That’s just enough incentive for me to overcome my many objections and go into full “want” mode.

Even if they only do the core box, that’s easily enough to get me started. I really like my Eagle Eyes. I do. But, the more I read about the HH stuff, the more I hanker to do one of the old legions as well. There’s something to be said for official products that are fully supported with paint colors made just for them, custom bits, named characters, transfers and the whole works. Not to mention fluff that applies directly to them.

Now that I’ve decided I will most likely join the Heresy…

…Where does that leave me? If I can actually put together the pieces to make it a real thing that I do, I have some choices to make.

First, am I doing another marine army? The benefits are real, in that I could theoretically use them for 40K crossover to an extent, and I flat-out enjoy marines. Of course, I enjoy them in my primary army already. Deciding this makes the core box a must-buy, of course, and is the most likely outcome.

If I’m doing marines, should I go with a loyalist or a traitor legion? It’s not as easy a choice as you might think. I’m a loyalist at heart, but there’s a certain appeal to many of the traitor legions. Add the fact that the current ranges are ‘pre-corruption’ in appearance, and there’s not much reason not to do one if I like them. The fluff for all the legions is very well fleshed-out now, and I can see myself going with Death Guard, maybe, or even Thousand Sons if the models are good. If I go loyal, both the Imperial Fists and the Raven Guard have a strong appeal for me, and maybe even Blood Angels or White Scars if the models swing it.

If I go loyalist, do I want something that gels with my 40K army or should I start with something that offers more contrast. I have read a lot of Raven Guard fluff in prep for doing my DIY chapter (they’re successors). I think it’s fair to say I’ve all but fallen in love with them, and I think they look great as well. But, are they too similar to my current chapter for 40K? In some ways, having RG models would make crossover exceptionally easy, because as long as I equip them in 40K style, they could just flesh out my current forces, easy peasy.

If I go for contrast, should I choose something based solely on what’s fun to paint? If that’s the case, I think Death Guard are an easy win. ResinJunkie taught me to love the filthy, weathered and rusted DG in all their simple glory. I think it was the serial numbers that sent me over on them. That said, all the legions have some appeal to me, save maybe the Word Bearers. I’ve seen some great ones, but generally they don’t do much for me. I’ve always had a soft spot for Tzeentch and I’m really eager to see ForgeWorld’s take on them before I make any hasty decisions about which legion to do.

At any rate, I’m left with more questions than answers at this point, but one thing is clear.

I’m no longer saying ‘no’ to a heresy army. It’s a definite ‘maybe’ now.