If you can’t take the heat…

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 27 — Closeups of weapon detailing.

Happy holidays, folks! I probably won’t be able to get any more painting in until next year, but I thought I’d show you all where I am right now. I’ve been working on more of the little details on the main assembly, and holding out some shallow hope that I’ll get a new airbrush over the holidays. Such a pale, fragile, emaciated hope…

I tried to get some larger format photos this time, so you can get right in there. Rememeber, if you click an an image you can zoom way in. I made my fiancé (she built this page. Thanks, honey!) go over the settings on the photo display over and over until I liked the way it worked. You can zoom way in and pan around, even on the gallery-style ones. It’s wonderful!

Heat-discolored brass effect.The assembled weapon, now with heat-staining on the shroud. I still haven’t painted the armor bits or the pistons and the blue hose needs highlights, but it’s almost done. I also took some close-ups of the heat-staining. I really like how this turned out. It took a really long time, and included some neglect of both my cat and my lady. But, they pulled through and I have this to show for it. Couldn’t be much more pleased with the results, honestly.

Adeptus Mechanicus cog. Machina Opus.Honestly this cog is a bit rough when you look this closely. Looks fine for the tabletop… The one on her back looks much smoother. I’ve been playing with Slow-Dri and I feel like it gums up the paint. If I try to blend without it, though, I get tide rings instantly no matter how much I thin the paint or anything. Anyone have any tips for blending beyond the really basics? I get the technique, I just feel like I’m missing something.

Glass vials on the Imperial Knight Reaper Chainsword.And then the little canisters of… Whatever that is. I wish I could have done these better, actually, but this took a really long time and I got to the point where I was just going back over the same things blending over and over. I built up a heck of a lot of paint on there and sooner or later I had to just call it quits and say I was done. I opted for the idea that this is some kind of lubricating oil for the blades, after all. Here are a couple more close-ups as well.

And last (and probably least if we’re honest) are a couple pics of my Tibbs-pattern heavy stubbers. Nothing crazy, but I do like how the extra holes make it look like a WW2 Browning machine gun. And those brass shells in the magazine pop like bubble-wrap around all this crusty, dirty metal.

Anyway, hope you like the big pics, folks. Have a safe and happy holiday, everybody!