Golden Demon 2014 cancelled?

I follow all the rumor sites. Compelled by a mix of boredom, FOMO, and hobby excitement in general, I check them maybe 4 or 5 times a day. Each. I lap up 40K rumors, knowing full well that many aren’t true. After a while you get a sense of which rumors are legit and which are bunk. So it was that this morning, I got caught off-guard by a rumor that seems to ring true and leaves me gutted.

From the sounds of it, Games Day and Golden Demon North America 2014 has been cancelled. The rumor cited the fact that the Armies on Parade event didn’t happen this year with no announcement at all, and tickets should normally already be on sale for the big day.

Now, I haven’t gone to a Games Day event since something like the early 2000’s, when they were in Baltimore. So why am I so upset about this one?

This was going to be the year I got back into the whole hobby. I’ve been playing games a little bit for once, making a concerted effort to paint more often, and really getting into the community more. Oh, and the Knight I’m working on? She was going to be my Golden Demon entry. I knew it was a long shot, but I made it to the finals a few times back in the day and this kit really inspired me to give it a go.

Everything about the project since even before I purchased the Imperial Knight kit leaned towards making this model really stand out and be something special. I knew I’d rarely field her in games. I knew she was a different army than my main and there was no shortage of new units I needed for my Eagle Eyes. I knew she was the most expensive model I had ever purchased and was worth the effort. The inspiration and motivation to make such a massive hobby commitment was simple. Everything all pointed to her being entered into the painting competition I dreamed of winning when I was a kid.

Now with this news, I’m left feeling like “what’s the point?” I know there are other competitions but for me, it isn’t about the thrill of victory or rivalry or any of that stuff. It was about joining the ranks of Golden Demon winners and maybe, just maybe being published in a White Dwarf magazine. While it was certainly a pipe dream, my Imperial Knight was the best shot I had at it.

It’s not like I won’t finish her, but I can feel that my motivation to put money and time into the project just took a dive. The bottom fell out under her. Poor girl.

I can only hope that the rumor isn’t true and tickets will go on sale soon. How about you? Were you planning to attend? I saw a lot of folks complaining that last year’s wasn’t that great. Are they just not doing Golden Demon anymore in the US?