Finished Space Marine sniper scouts

Space Marine sniper scouts: part 3 – finished!

Space Marine scout snipersAnd here we are. I can’t help but think they look about the same as my last post, but finishing off the bases does help. I also added ash-colored weathering powders around the feet and the bottoms of the cloaks. I’ve already mentioned all the paint recipes worth noting in my previous posts, so I’ll just drop the pics here. Enjoy!

Space Marine scout snipers

Space Marine scout snipers

Space Marine scout snipers

Detail: Space Marine scout sniper sergeant

I’ll toss in some closeup pics I took of the sergeant so you can see the level of detail I’ve gone for. I used the same green recipe as always, but I tried to do it with less blending so it would be faster. I think it works well for tabletop.

Click the pics to zoom and pan to your heart’s co

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