Fancy footwork

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 9 — Feet and basing.

Since I was going for balls-out drama here, I wanted this base to really add to the story I’d been working towards on all my bases. That included giving the Queen a suitable Necron beastie to crush underfoot. I knew as much as I wanted to change up the knees and ankles, the toes would be a part of this as well.

IMG_0138One of the nods to realism I liked on the Imperial Knights kit was the way the toes articulated. The plate on the top looked to me like it would rise and fall with the angle of the toe, and the banded armor would flex as needed, while the hinged rod at the bottom would not. So, I started by cutting away two of the toes on the forward foot. This was going to do doing some crushing. I resculpted the banded armor with some Green Stuff / Milliput mix putty. As as aside, this putty has been a lot of fun to work with on this project. I hadn’t messed with Milliput before, but I really like the way the 50/50 mix with GS works out.

IMG_0139And this is what she was going to crush. I lucked out. I asked my buddy for some Necron bits, and he really came through by giving me an entire Necron Annihilation Barge! I proceeding to use my backsaw to cut this sucker in half. I wanted it to look like she had cut it down with her Reaper Chainsword and then stomped on it for good measure. You can never be too careful when it comes to ‘Crons. Note how the barrel on the bottom is popping up a bit.

IMG_0140And here’s why. The front toe is smashing that down. I want to give a real sense of weight and movement, and that really sells it for me. You can see clearly now that the front leg is as far forward at the hip it can get. I’ve seen some Imperial Knight leg reposes online that simply moved the little Thigh-Master piston up out of the track area, but in my mind I want this pose to look like it’s within the bounds of how the designers imagined it.

And then just to show how it’s all coming together:

IMG_0146You can see that even though the hips are shifted, the body is still in balance. In fact, it really sells the ‘curb stomp’ aggressiveness I was looking for here. This is about 6 million times more dynamic than the stock Imperial Knights pose, in my opinion.