Dreadtober pledge

Hey all. In the interests of some semblance of accountability, I’d like to make my Dreadtober pledge public.


Dreadtober (as illustrated by Sincain)

If you haven’t heard, some of my favorite bloggers are starting an informal painting drive. In the month of October, we’ll endeavor to complete a dreadnought-sized model. That’s pretty much it. Check out Sincain’s original article here and Greggles’ followup article.

That said, I’ve had an Ironclad dread in the box for ages. I really want to do him right, but the conversion required to repose the lags has been putting me off. I’d love to do something similar to the iconic Khorne dread charging forward, but it requires an extremely thorough reworking of the legs. On top of that, I want to magnetize the weapon options and that seems tougher than it should be as well. PLUS, I’d really like to repose the angle of the shoulders, and again it just seems like a lot of work to do it right.

So… I’ll pledge a converted and reposed Ironclad, but don’t be surprised if it takes me months to complete.

Dreadtober just sounds too fun to NOT support, so I’ll toss my hat in. I’d love to see similar challenges in the future.