Dreadtober 2016 Pledge

Dreadtober 2016: Sydonian Dragoons.

DreadtoberOkay, folks. Dreadtober is back on and I’m getting excited again. Read all about it here. Last year I pledged a running Ironclad dread for my space marines and I was really surprised how motivated I felt to finish the thing. I decided that, even with my busier schedule and new baby around the house, I ought to at least give it a shot again.

Where I stand before Dreadtober begins

So yeah, I’m a busy guy. I decided I really needed the head start, so I’ve been working on it already. This year, since I’ve been working on my Skitarii, I decided to pledge not one, but three Sydonian Dragoons. They’re the closest the Ad Mech get to a dreadnought. They might also be my favorite models in the line, and I had a hell of a time converting their poses to differentiate them from the ones I’ve seen online.

Skitarii Dragoon leg reposeHere’s where I am as of right now. I’ll post some WIP pics of the conversions below. I’ll be trying to stick pretty closely to the scheme I mocked up in Photoshop, but I’ve already changed a couple things on it. I airbrushed the tan base, and then brushed on the base of the blue and yellow. They look a little Tzeentchy right now, don’t they? I’m not even done with the yellow on the first one, but already I can tell I like how the colors are blocking out. I deviated from the ‘official’ GW paint schemes in a few places, but overall it’s pretty close.

Lunging Skitarii Sydonian DragoonHere’s a look at the lunging one from a different angle. This is the hardest conversion to capture in pics. It still looks a bit like he’s tripping (exactly like the whole debate about GW’s new Khârn model) but it’s working for me. It feels much more dynamic and I think sells the idea behind their speed and hitting power on the charge.

The conversions

I don’t want to give an exhausting account of the conversions for two reasons. First, I bought these second-hand (hence the Ryza paint scheme on one) and had to be pretty brutal about breaking them apart. He used some kind of mutant superglue that was largely immune to both the freezer trick and nail polish remover. I want to figure out what the heck it was, but suffice to say I had to literally tear some pieces off and do a lot of repair work.

The second reason is I don’t really want anyone to try and copy me, for their own sanity’s sake. This isn’t an issue of wanting to be unique… These were extremely fiddly conversions to put it lightly. I kept breaking things as I went, and the lunging one fell apart several times before I got it to stick. I ended up pinning a few pieces, which is almost unheard of with plastic models. They seem sturdy-ish right now, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Anyway, here’s a pic dump of some WIP stuff. Feel free to ask me questions about it if you really want to try it out, but I’ll warn you against it as vehemently as I can.

I had intended to leave one of them stock, but the leg conversions required cutting the middle of the middle leg joint to swap the feet around. I had originally wanted to do a stalking one, so that ended up being the last one I did. The tall-striding one looks the most like the stock model, but it’s not. It uses both ‘long’ legs for added height. They all have a little twist at the hips as well. Of course, I had to rebuild the thigh tubes with styrene rod and lost a little bit of the cool details there, but I think the poses were important enough to make it a worthy gambit.


So there you have it. Three Dragoons, coming right up. It’ll take me a long time to finish them, but I’m sure going to try and get them done by the end of October. I’ll be using the #dreadtober hashtag on Twitter if you want to follow my progress from here out. And really, feel free to ask me questions about the conversions so I can talk you out of it.