Deathwatch Dark Angel WIP

Deathwatch Overkill: part 1 – Gydrael started

Gadrael WIPI can’t help myself. I’m super excited about this game. I’ve been playing 40K for ages, and I fondly remember the old Genestealer Cult models. The Deathwatch have always intrigued me as well, but I’ve never had much reason to build a squad of them. This boxed set just seemed like the perfect nostalgia trip, mixed with amazing marine models and Space Hulk-like gameplay. I had to buy a set. I know it’ll take me forever to paint them, but I really did want to give it a shot. Before I get to the model, though, I want to briefly mention primer.

Airbrush or spraycan primer?

Dupli-Color sandable black Matte primerThat’s the age-old question. I swore off rattle-can primers when I got an airbrush, but then I noticed it just wasn’t getting the same results. No matter what I tried, I could easily scratch it off with just a little fingernail pressure. I tried a few things, but I decided that I should go back to a spray for this game since I’d likely be playing it with non-40K types, which meant their clumsy little fingers would be knocking the models over left and right. I asked around to see what my Twitter pals liked in cans and got a few recommendations. I settled on this one: Dupli-Color Sandable matte black autmotive primer. It cost me all of $5 at an auto store and I was off to the races. I decided to try a very, very light spray based on a bunch of stuff I’ve read online. I gave all four cardinal directions just a light dusting, leaving hints of the plastic coming through but adding some ‘bite’ for the layers of paint to come. I also decided to just do entire sprues at once, bar a few models I removed right away.

Zameon Gadrael WIP gallery:

Final thoughts

As you can see, he’s coming along very slowly. I really wanted to keep the palette as black and silver as I could on these guys, with just accents of gold here and there, and as much of the chapter iconography and ornamentation is gold as possible. I’m still toying with the idea of doing some battle damage scratches and scrapes in the original chapter color, but I can’t decide if the effect will be a good one or just look sloppy. In the fluff, it’s clear they keep their own armor, which is repainted, and the left arm is basically electroplated and given a new shoulder pad. That would mean, in theory, their old colors are still under some layers of paint. On top of that, they’re only seconded for brief periods, so I would think this process would be deliberately temporary, like a sort of black white-washing, if you will.

One thing I noticed when I read Zameon’s short story, Flesh of the Angel, is that his sword is described as having a large red gem on the pommel. I decided to roll with that, but I’m not too pleased with my overzealous white reflections now that I look at it again. I think his face looks alright, and his robes aren’t bad. He just needs some highlights all over and a few more details before I call it good and base him. Still not sure what to do for bases, actually.

What do you think of the idea of colored battle damage? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?