Missteps and calamity

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 20 — One step forward, two steps back–onto the floor.

I suppose it’s time I tell the woeful tale of the calamities the Queen Bee has suffered at the hands of the elements and fauna within Tibbs Forge… The wounds are still very near, but they’re healing. Strap in. This ride’s a rough one.

The Queen posing like a badassYou’ve seen the torso that I was working on, while the legs sort of chilled out. I was really feeling it with the blue spot color, so I set up a quick shot before I headed out for work one morning (or so the story goes). I snapped this just so I could stare at it intermittently throughout the day. Dope, right?

IMG_1314So, my fiancé was giving me crap throughout the night, because she goes to bed pretty early and she knew I wanted to spend a little quality time with my other queen after she want to sleep. I chuckled and eventually she went up to bed. I headed over to the forge, and when I walked in I noticed that my model wasn’t sitting on the table. Thinking about what Sam had said, I figured she must have snuck her upstairs to ‘trick’ me into going up there, thereupon preying on my rather sedentary nature by beguiling me into just staying there and cuddling with her. Trickster that she is, this seemed entirely plausible. Upon turning around with a playful smirk on my face, I noticed something in the lower periphery of my vision. Casting my gaze downwards, I was horrified, literally horrified, to see the legs, torso and other bits scattered about the rather generous pile of carpet. I gasped, as you might now imagine and hear with your mind’s ear, and set about collecting the bits and bobs. Placing them upon my desk, I snapped the picture to the right.

I then sent some cheeky tweet about my evil cat, in a state of shock and denial to be sure. You see, my cat’s known for causing mischief (as all cats are) and she’s also very clumsy (which few cats are known for). She also likes to drink my paint water for some unfathomable reason. She must have gotten up there and knocked off my bamf-posing favorite model. Luckily, she didn’t eat any of the pieces. She did succeed in knocking the legs all apart, but the part that really upset my later as I assessed the damage was the chain ladder on the rear waist. That was easily one of my favorite bits of detail, and the plastic handle was completely busted. This event took the wind clean out of my sails. Messed with my mojo, as it were. My flow was obstructed. I couldn’t bear to do anything with her until just a short while ago. I did eventually glue her back together, but I still can’t figure out what to do with the rope ladder. Surely I could just use some plastic tubing to recreate it, but part of me wonders if it’s some kind of sign. You’ll see why in a moment.

IMG_1430A few days after the Catcident® happened, my daughter pointed out (perhaps too calmly) that she could see a fire. She was staring into the forge. I was like, ‘uh huh sweety. That’s cool’ because she was pretty deadpan about it, but she replied that she was serious. I rushed over and found that she was, in fact, completely correct. You see, I have a shandalone magnifying lens on my desk. I had it sitting in such a way that the sunlight was shining through it, and instead of roasting ants I was nearly starting a house-fire. If you’ve got one of these, consider this your warning. Do not leave it sitting around.

IMG_1429I don’t even use the damn thing that much. I was again irritated to see that not only had I caused a little scorch on my desk, I had actually melted the Queen’s freakin shin armor. I mean, seriously?!

IMG_1524I was all: okay, you know it kinda looks like some battle damage, right? I can work with this… I moved on with my hobbying life, still not messing with the Queen in any way, and guess what? I DID IT AGAIN! I somehow left the stupid lens in the same dang place. And this time it was worse. You can see the much smaller scorch on top, and the larger one on bottom. Nobody was home the second time, and I’m damn lucky I didn’t burn my house down. That sucker’s really burned in there. Not only that, I melted MORE of the same exact shin armor. This is what it looks like now:

Yes, it may still pass off as battle damage, but it’s just flabbergastingly ridiculous that I let this happen not once, but twice. But wait, there’s more!

IMG_1528Now this is where it gets really eerie. Is it just me, or does it not look like it’s melted in exactly the right place to look on purpose. I’ve never really done anything even remotely like that with a base before, but I’m sorely tempted to leave it there and make it look like the melting necrodermis is eating into the ground. It’s also right out of the barrel, so it’s almost like the gun was firing and fully charged when it was destroyed, and the overload of energy caused this damage (hence why the other bits around the base aren’t like that). If course I’d clean up the edges a bit and all that, but it’s even right by where I had already placed the dripping stuff. You can still see some of the glue on the base. Crazy stuff. Maybe this is as The Emperor willed it, and who am I to deny His divine vision?

So now I’m thinking that twisted shin should go on the leg standing on the wreckage to really sell the devastation. Speaking of legs, here are some pics of where she’s at now so you know she’s back on her feet.

And that’s about all I’ve gotten done on her, folks. It’s been wild, but I think I’m ready to bring her back out. Of course, I think I’ll have to do my Space Hulk set before I really get back to her, but that’s your update.

I told you it was going to be rough. It’s okay to laugh at it now. I think I’m over it.