Body shots

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 4 — Body details.

I had a lot of fun with adding details at this point. I decided early on that this lady was going to be heavily weathered and battle-weary. It’s written into her fluff that way. She’s a Freeblade and fiercely independent, so I wanted The Queen Bee to look like it had really been well-loved over the years. I added a ton of nicks and scratches, plus bullet holes and missing rivets around the model. Some won’t really look like much till the painting stage, but it really helped me get into character.

IMG_0009Here’s one the battle trophies I added. This Eldar  Exarch’s blade was found lodged in the Queen’s shin armor after a battle. Aura (the pilot’s nickname) actually respected those women warriors despite herself, and decided to keep it as something of an homage and point of pride. She dulled the blade a bit, grabbed some rope, and tied it to the cage.

IMG_0016Here’s what’s behind the cage on top. See, the way I figure is that during battle or right before or after, she’s going to need to pop the top hatch and check the damage, make repairs, etc. And, heaven forbid, there could be catastrophic damage that forces her out. Those cages are like monkey bars, and a skilled pilot could probably swing and climb around them. So, she keeps a stash of weapons and tools here just in case. You can also see a small shrine or box that will be behind the ion shield.

IMG_0017This is the love-it-or-hate-it detail. That, my friends, is a Green Stuff birds’ nest. You see, her hanger is in the jungles of the planet Tonatzin, where my home-brew Space Marine chapter are based. There are lots of birds here. While she was in the hanger for repairs, some of the critters decided it’s as good a place as any for their chicks. It’s cutesy, maybe, but it’s also nearly impossible to see once it’s all assembled. You can also see her bedroll and a small toolkit behind the mount for the heavy stubber. A girl’s gotta sleep, after all, and she’s not about to bunk up with the Death Korps of Krieg or whomever she’s out with.

IMG_0015The roll cage on the left has been cracked at some point, and repaired. I, of course, used plastic card and green stuff sculpted to look like rough welding. There’s another piece on the inside as well.

IMG_0014And I decided those exposed exhausts were ripe for a beating here and there. I ended up messing with both of them. The one on the left has a large crack and the heat-jacket panel is peeling away from the stalk. On the other side, I simply made a wide split that’s pulling away a bit.


IMG_0019Didn’t do much around back. I added a couple of hooks from the Land Raider kit, and a servo skull to literally watch her back. I opted not to add the eagle heads from the Imperial Knight kit as I enjoy the fluff about them being older than the Imperium and I wanted to represent the fact that some might feel more or less attached.

IMG_0020Finally–and my fiancé thought I was getting a bit too crazy at this point–I drilled out the exhaust ports in the top carapace and the two blister vents. I noticed the blister ones don’t actually really lead to anything which is odd. They’re over the side vents in the body part, but those seem more like heat sinks anyway so this type of exhaust seems out of place. Whatevs; they needed to be drilled.

IMG_0092This may belong in a different post, but I’ll put it here anyway. I repositioned the top stub where the body connects so the center of gravity would still work. You can see why when I put the body on here. There’s really a lot of movement in the pose now. I think she looks like she’s coming to life at this point.