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Green Storm Talon after glaze

More Storm Talon progress

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 2 I’ve been working diligently on the Storm Talon, trying to get it ready for the Facebook …

Stormtalon green drybrush

Storm Talon progress

Eagle Eyes Storm Talon: Part 1 Hey all. I’m back to the Eagle Eye’s with a Storm Talon I started a long …

Gadrael WIP

Deathwatch Dark Angel WIP

Deathwatch Overkill: part 1 – Gydrael started I can’t help myself. I’m super excited about this game. I’ve been playing 40K for ages, …

Space Marine scout sergeant

Space Marine scouts progress

Space Marine sniper scouts: part 2 – green armor The scouts are coming along, so I wanted to show you a quick update. I’ve …

Eagle hunting wolf cub

Basement Warhammer

In which our hero actually plays a game for once. I just wanted to drop a quick note here as a record …