Aura in Chains

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 11 — More details and base reworked.

I’ve been very busy as of late with buying a new home (we close this Friday!) and whatnot, so progress has been quite slow on my Imperial Knight conversion. On the uptick, I’m pretty excited to put together some really solid hobby space in the new place. I should have more room, and perhaps more importantly, I’ll be able to put up shelves and whatnot to organize better. I’ll probably post pics of that WIP, because excited.

I have been working on The Queen here and there. Here’s a quick update:

IMG_0323Check out her new chain ladder! You know, not every Freeblade has a fancy hanger with a cool Throne Mechanicum injector… Some of them have to get in and out the hard way. Imperial Knight houses are so entitled… But seriously, as I made some modeling concessions to her relatively independent and slightly impoverished attitude towards quick and dirty battlefield repairs, Irealized she had no way to get down to the ground. Enter a very simple, practical solution: a chain that she can scamper up and down. It’s attached to an existing anchor point and could hardly be more simple.

IMG_0324And, when she’s inside and doesn’t want someone else scampering, she just loops it around the handle a few times. So simple. I love how much these details tell the viewer about her story and personality. But really, they’re for me more than anything, so I can get into her head.

IMG_0325I’ve reworked the base a little bit. Based on some solid feedback, I decided to trash the Necron Annihilation Barge a bit more. Here’s a shot from the front, looking roughly like it did before. I’ve rearranged a couple of items, but it’ll be pretty hard to notice that.

IMG_0326From the side. You can see here where I’m building up some of the molten metal drops from where the Reaper Chainsword cut through the metal. Right now it’s white glue and clear nail polish over sewing thread. I’ll keep adding to it until it’s the right thickness for me. I’m also starting to cram some stuff into the cut-off hollow ends. I haven’t gotten to the Necroissant® bit, but I have the bits ready. I was letting the glue dry before I start messing with it.

IMG_0327A better view of the Necroissant piece. It’s now bent and chewed up pretty well. I plan to add some flames curling up from the sides towards the rear, and adding a lot of kicked up dust, ash and dirt on it from the impact. Kinda hard to tell but I promise it’s pretty bent up now.

IMG_0328And the last view. You can see there’s a little more debris now that has been tossed clear of the main area. I plan to add a few more bits and bobs. I used auto-body putty here (that’s the red stuff) to build up variation in the ground and make it easy to stick stuff down.

Looking forward to doing the rest of the base now, and finishing up the Barge after it has some more time to set up.

Comments and suggestions? I love to hear your feedback.