Ash waste base tutorial

I want my bases to tell a story. My Space Marine chapter, the Eagle Eyes, live on a planet that is slowly revealing itself to be a Necron Tomb World, long dormant. As they awaken, small bands of warriors have been coming up to lay waste to the native peoples (The Macay, from whom the EE recruit) and this doesn’t really sit well with the chapter elite. They have a rotating strike force that is ready to deploy via drop-pod, but unfortunately they usually arrive to a village that is too far gone to be saved. Sometimes they’re already aflame, cooking fires and explosions laying waste. At other times, it is the Eagle Eyes themselves who put it to the torch. Survivors are either pressed into service as chapter serfs or given the Emperor’s Mercy.

My bases feature a burned village theme, with little bits of the bodies and detritus of the village underfoot, along with the occasional Necron bits. I couldn’t really find any good tutorials online for making ash waste bases, so I put this together.