Another brick in the wall

Imperial Knight Conversion: Pt. 12 — Walls on base started.

It’s been slow going, but I wanted to make a quick update to let you know I’m still working on the Queen, despite no Golden Demon this year… Sucks.

IMG_0563I’ve been moving all weekend, but I managed to get some very short hobby time in on the base. Take a look at the beginning of the other half of the base. Ruined and crushed Necron on one side, ruined and burnt out village on the other. This base will go along with my other bases to give the impression that my Eagle Eyes Space Marines and Imperial Knight are fighting over the ruins of a burned village. I made the basic frames by cutting up the corners of a cardboard box. The whole thing will be covered over. I just needed a frame to start the sculpting. This first layer is just plain Milliput, rolled thin and then rough brick shapes pushed into it.

IMG_0562I’m not too worried about how these look yet. The village is a Macay village, and they use a sort of mud-brick and stucco technique to build their walls. This layer will be mostly covered by a thin green-stuff skin. I want the brick shapes to show through, but they’ll be muted down quite a bit. The bricks will stick out a bit around the top, and those will be covered with some textured paint most likely.

I still need to add in lots of details to the ‘interior’ space of the house. Probably a burned body or two, some embers from furniture and broken pots and stuff.

My fiancé thinks its’ too much… She thinks I should leave the other half of the base more plain. I think that’s wasting a chance to tell more of the story. Thoughts?