Angels Eradicant test model

Angels Eradicant test model WIP

Angels EradicantIt’s really pretty much complete, but I haven’t based it yet and I still need decals. I really wanted to try out a different color scheme with my Primaris marines. I debated all kinds of chapters, from the Big 4 to tiny ones and everything in between. What it came down to was the color scheme more than the background. I ended up trolling through big archives that showed all the different schemes out there, and then narrowed it down to ones that used contrasting panels. Finally I settled on a handful that use what I call the ‘big shoulders’ pattern. As in, arms and/or backpack in a different color. I then looked up each of them to learn more about them and chose the Angels Eradicant. I read through the Red Path short stories (the only fiction that features the Angels Eradicant) and learned very little about them, but enough to know that I liked the scheme enough and there were no weird roadblocks in their established background. Once that was settled, I just had to choose a bone/tan paint recipe and we were off to the races. In the meantime, I also made a bunch of Photoshop mockups to make sure I liked the colors.

The pics

What I can remember of the paint recipes

Bone armor:

  1. Airbrush base: Zandri Dust
  2. Airbrush highlight: Ushtabi Bone
  3. Layer: edge highlight with thinned White Scar
  4. Wash: Lahmian Medium and Seraphim Sepia, 1:1
  5. Layer: edge highlight with White Scar

Black armor:

  1. Airbrush base: Abandon Black
  2. Layer: edge highlight with Dark Reaper
  3. Layer: edge highlight with Russ Gray

I can’t actually remember the other paint recipes… So I’ll have to play around to double check them when I get my hobby area set up again.