About me

My name is Jeff Tibbetts. Tibbs is one of my nicknames but you can also find me as Linguartisan around the web.

I’ve played 40K since I was ten years old after a trip to visit my step-father’s family in England. I guess that means it was around ’88. Obviously, I’m a dyed in the wool Rogue Trader-era player. I’ve had a Space Marine collection of one sort or another for that entire time barring a couple of years where I quit the game. I’ve built and gotten rid of two SM armies, and I’ve also dabbled in Eldar at various points, and Orks and ‘Nids to a lesser extent.

Right now, I’m pretty deep into a DIY chapter, and I have fallen in love with Imperial Knights. I have plans to add Adeptus Militarum if I ever come into a great deal of wealth (because Death Korps of Krieg are expensive) some day.

  1. I am a modeler first: I convert or kitbash almost every model to some degree. I’ve been getting more into sculpting and scratch building lately. I’ve even started working with some resin casting but haven’t had a chance to really jump into it yet.
  2. I am a painter second: I like to think I’m okay, and I have a very clean and minimal style with my marines. My Knight is going to be my chance to try some weathering and battle damage techniques. I’ve also just recently gotten an airbrush and I’m playing with that, but I only use it for base coating right now.
  3. I am a gamer third: I simply don’t get out very often, and for a while I quit hobbying altogether after a bad bout of power gaming jerks in my local meta, but that was ages ago. I do enjoy a good friendly game, and I found a shop that I like well enough.

I try to stay as positive as I can with GW and the hobby. Of course I miss the rose-tinted glory days of yesteryear, but that’s because I was a kid. I don’t like to sit here and bash on the hobby myself, though. I play this game because I like it. Why would I spend so much time and money on something I hated? I don’t get it.

I’m pretty open and I love discussions of all kinds, so feel free to comment on anything you see or read. Try not to be a dick, and I’ll do the same, K? I am trying to up my painting game especially right now, so let me know what worked or didn’t work for you.

Besides hobby, I love design. Graphic design, industrial product design, web design, etc. I follow it all, but I enjoy creating logos. My fiancé is a web designer so I help her out with website design as well. Working for an internet company, we see a LOT of crappy websites.